Obesity Surgery / Bariatric surgery also known as Weight loss surgery, will help to cut down weight in a short period of time. We provide morbid obesity surgery, gastric banding and bypass surgery, bariatric surgery, weight loss surgery in Mumbai at reasonable cost.


Bariatric / Obesity Surgery

Morbid obesity, defined as Body Mass Index more than 35, is on the rise all over the world.

Obesity Surgery in Mumbai has very definite health implications and predisposes to diabetes, high blood pressure, heart problems and breathing difficulty. And there is the obvious disfigurement to deal with.

Morbid obesity procedure requires a two pronged approach. Diet and regular exercises are a must. Additional, bariatric surgery will help to cut down a lot of deposited weight in a short period of time. Any coexisting or contributing medical problems also needs to be attended to, hormonal imbalance in particular. People might improve with the diabetes and blood pressure because of the surgery.

The most popular options in bariatric / obesity surgery include

- Gastric Banding

- Gastric Bypass

Selection of appropriate procedure of obesity surgery is individualized. Both these surgeries can be done by key-hole methods. Within a year of surgery, massive weight loss is expected. This could lead to loose skin in many areas, which can be treated effectively by cosmetic surgery. Please refer to the service "body contouring after massive weight loss" for more details regarding the cosmetic correction.
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