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Gynaecomastia: An embarrassing male problem!

Gynaecomastia is a scientific term used to describe male breasts. Do males have breasts? Yes, they do. But not every man has male breasts. These breasts that males develop do not look like typical female breasts in the majority of the cases but in few ...
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6 Ways to Care for a Beard

Beard for time immemorial has been the centre of masculinity. It is considered as a prominent male secondary sexual character so much so that females having a fuzzy growth want to get rid of it. Throughout history, the attitude of the society towards sporting a ...
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Today, ‘Mummy Makeover’ Is The Happening Arena.

However even now, if you take a quick survey on 10 married men across India asking them on 10 things they need to better for a happy life, the wife may not feature on this list for majority of them. Reason: People take people for ...
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Breast Surgery


Having breasts can be very embarrassing for a man. Most find it annoying and comes in the way of wearing tight T-shirts and baring the chest (for swimming and otherwise). During puberty, hormonal changes take place in the body (unopposed female hormones or low levels ...
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