Cheek and Chin Augmentation - Genioplasty

Genioplasty simply means shaping of the chin.

Facial esthetics is based on proportions by the 'Rule of thirds'.

The chin plays an important part in the facial equation. Therefore a weak chin - retrognathia as well as too prominent a chin - prognathism, could negatively affect the appearance of a face. Genioplasty can be an adjunctive procedure and can often accompany a nose job.

Chin augmentation can be done using an USDA approved implant, usually made of medical grade silicone . These can be placed over the chin point introrally, preferred - no visible scars or through a facial approach under the chin region. A facial dressing will be in place for a period of 7 days after surgery.

Augmentation can also be done by sliding your bony chin along with adding or subtracting bone from the chin region to either increase or decrease the facial height.

Reduction genioplasty or reducing the prominence of the chin may be necessary if the chin is too long as in a long face syndrome or too much projection of the chin forward.
Preoperatively cessation of smoking and alcohol recommended for 2 - 3 weeks.
The standard risks of surgery bleeding , bruising, numbness of lip and chin region (temporary or transient)

The end result would be a more pleasing and well balanced facial look and will most certainly bolster your self esteem as well.

profmohanthomas Before
profmohanthomas After
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