Facial Sculpting / Contouring

Face Sculpting / Contouring

A sharp jaw line, prominent cheeks and a chiseled look are highly desired facial features today. Fat deposits on the face tend to accumulate below the chin, on the cheeks and over the jaw line creating a chubby look obliterating the sharp features.

Delineation of facial features and enhancing them can be safely done through minimal access surgery?

Although each case is different and a thorough assessment would be required for creating a treatment plan, most cases do well with the following procedures:-

1. Cheek fat removal - Fat bulge below the cheeks can be removed from the inside of the mouth without external marks.

2. Liposuction - Fat deposits over the lower jaw and below the chin can very well be removed by liposculpting. Injection lipolysis is also an alternate option for removing fat from the jaw line and under chin area. However, multiple treatments may be required with injection lipolysis.

In addition, if the chin is weak, a chin implant will augment this area and make the face look more defined. Sometimes fat may be added to make areas more fuller. Your own fat is used for the purpose. These procedures together create a powerful change in the facial profile. All this can be done as a day care surgery without hospitalization.

Before Face Sculpting


After Face Sculpting


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