Mommy Makeover

What is Mummy Make Over?

Becoming a mother and raising your child is undoubtedly the most fulfilling experience in a woman's life. Being an intense hand on job, it does leave a toll on the body. Most of the changes affect the way you look without compromising your health.

Women always have to bear the brunt of pregnancy and child birth without any option to reverse the physical effects of it. Cosmetic surgery now offers that chance in a safe manner with predictable lasting results.

Changes on the Body from Pregnancy, Child Birth and Breast Feeding
Weight gain is the most visible change after pregnancy. The areas usually affected are the tummy, hips and thighs. Most women are body conscious now and try their best to lose weight, but some of the fat deposits are resistant to the efforts to get rid of them. Fat deposits also occur in the arms and the back.

The enlargement of the abdomen weakens the muscles and this causes a prominent paunch, which in many cases can only be corrected surgically. The breasts lose volume and tone after breast feeding is complete, leaving a deflated sagging look.

Stretch marks are probably the most frustrating after effect of the bulging tummy. The stretch marks occur due to breaks in the elastic fibers in the deeper layers of skin due to the rapid inflation of the tummy. The marks then become prominent after the tummy is deflated.

Changes in the genital areay
Child birth especially vaginal delivery causes the muscles in the vagina to lose their tone. The labia enlarge in size and the area above the vagina, the mons, becomes enlarged with fat deposits. Sexual function may become less enjoyable due to the decreased muscle tone and tightness.

Mommy Makeover - Surgical Reversal to Pre Pregnancy Look
Body contouring - Liposuction and tummy tuck
The fat deposits can very well be removed by liposuction, a technique that has been refined over the years to sculpt the body with minimal risks. Excess skin and weakness of the muscles are corrected by abdominoplasty or tummy tuck. The scar is placed low in the bikini line. Tummy tuck and liposuction can be done together. Liposuction will remove the excess fat and tummy tuck removes the excess skin and tightens the abdomen. It requires 2 - 5 days of hospitalization and 2 weeks for recovery. But you will not be on bed rest during this time. Mobilization is allowed from next day of surgery.

Swelling, bruising and discomfort commonly occurs after the surgery, but these are temporary and resolve in a few weeks. The surgery does not have any long term ill effects on your health. To maintain the results, you have to adopt a responsible lifestyle- regular exercises and healthy eating habit. You will have to wear a custom made compression garment for a month after surgery. This can be worn under your normal clothes. Heavy exercises are allowed after 6 weeks.

Before Body Contouring


After Body Contouring


Breast Reshaping
Breast lift/firming can be achieved surgically by a procedure called mastopexy. In this surgery, the excess loose skin is removed and the breast tissue is re arranged in the normal position. In some cases an implant is also required to restore lost volume of the breasts. In cases of minor sagging, an implant itself will be able to correct the sagging and loss of volume. The choice of procedure will depend on the clinical examination findings and your wishes.

Before Breast Reshaping


After Breast Reshaping


Stretch Marks
Most of the stretch marks are in the lower abdomen. In severe cases, they are seen even above the navel. The stretch marks in the lower portion of the tummy are removed during a tummy tuck, where all the loose skin is removed. Once the tummy skin is stretched tight with the tummy tuck, any remaining stretch marks become less visible.In other locations, the stretch marks can be well covered up with camouflage make up like Derma ColorT.

Before Stretch Marks


After Stretch Marks


Genital rejuvenation as a part of Mummy Make over
The following procedures are sought after by women who want a complete restoration of their body.
1. Vagina tightening
2. Pubic lift
3. Liposuction of pubic area
4. Labia augmentation
5. Labia reduction.

Timing of the procedures
A minimum of one year should pass after child birth before considering the Mummy Makeover. This ensures enough time for you to take care of the baby and for the body to recover completely. During this time you should adopt a healthy, calorie restricted eating pattern and should start on regular exercises like aerobics and cardio exercises. Some women prefer to wait till the child is of school going age before considering surgery. This is also very sensible, because now your child needs less attention and time from you which is crucial in the recovery period.

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