Dr. Mohan Thomas provides male and Female Asset Management services in affordable cost at Mumbai and Goa in India. Cosmetic Surgery Institute in India offers a unique option to enhance your looks, body shapes, physical appeals. We provide Surgical (cosmetic Surgery) and Non Surgical treatments like Botox, Fillers, Chemical Peels in India at affordable cost.

Male and Female Asset ManagementT

A great looking body or body part is considered as an asset in today's society. A pair of long slim legs, a JLo butt, and bright eyes, full and firm breasts, ravishing face... the list of assets is long.

Much like our financial assets, our physical assets also need to be managed professionally to maintain them and prevent any 'visual depreciation'.

For many, absence of good assets can be distressing. The good news is that with the latest techniques in cosmetic surgery, assets can be built up where nothing existed.

If for some reason, you could not prevent the downward slide of the visual value of your assets, the Cosmetic Surgery Institute promises to shore up the body asset values and make you 'high net worth' again.

For a man, a lean sculpted body, youthful face, and a head well covered with hair are good assets.

For a woman, the butt and bosom are the most thought about assets, not to forget a curvy body and a face radiating the inner beauty. We can help you get there and maintain them in a safe manner at the same time, looking natural.

Female Physical Asset Management Surgery India

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