Keyhole breast enhancement and breast reduction cosmetic surgery are treated by Dr. Mohan Thomas an expert and experienced cosmetic Surgeon in India. He has performed numerous Keyhole Breast Reduction Surgeries in India with great results. We also offer body contouring, corrective and Breast augmentation in India. For Breast Reduction at affordable price, visit Cosmetic Surgery Institute at Mumbai and Goa in India


Disproportionately large breasts can occur during puberty and later during pregnancy. In both these circumstances, the large droopy breasts cause much discomfort because of the heaviness and the embarrassing appearance. It can also lead to back pain and difficulty in getting a proper bra. All these are common reasons for affected women to seek a breast reduction.

Breast Reduction Surgery has evolved over the last few decades to be a safe surgery with good results. Conventional techniques of breast reduction are open methods where the excess tissue is cut out and the breast parenchyma is lifted and sutured in normal position. This involves having visible scars on the breast. For an unmarried woman having scars may be unacceptable.

Key hole breast reduction is ideal for young women with large breasts. The fat component in the large breast is removed by liposuction technique using tiny access points. This will reduce the size of the breast and the heaviness. If the skin tone on the breasts is good, there will not be any additional drooping from the procedure.

Ideal candidates for this procedure would be young women with large breasts, good skin tone and only moderate degree of sagging.

If the sagging is beyond a certain limit, conventional Reduction mammaplasty would be ideal.

Keyhole Breast Surgery In India

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