Dr Mohan Thomas is the only Cosmetic Surgery Expert in India who has vast experience in Blepharoplasty Surgery, Liposuction Surgery, Megaliposuction Cosmetic Surgery, Corrective Cosmetic Surgery, Tummy tuck, Arm lift, Thigh lift, Breast Augmentation, Breast reduction, Breast lift, Brow lift Surgery, Face lift Surgery, Gynaecomastia Surgery, Hair restoration, FAMI, Nose surgery, Otoplasty Surgery, Chin and cheek augmentation, Scar Removal, Cleft, Lip & Nose deformity Surgery, Aesthetic genital surgery, Butt augmentation, Body Contouring after weight loss as well as Dimple Creation, Implants for body contouring and Plastic Surgery India.

Youtube Videos

Video Clip of Dr. Mohan Thomas, an International Cosmetic Surgeon, featured by Yyuva on Doordarshan on 08.11.2008. Dr Mohan Thomas orates his inspiration and passion for Cosmetic Procedures, shares is 35 years of experience in Cosmetic Surgery Procedures. He states, that The Cosmetic Surgery Institute is - "The first and the last stop for Cosmetic Surgery".

Dr Mohan Thomas cites the reason why Cosmetic Surgery Institute is the first and last stop for Cosmetic Surgery worldwide.

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