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(Q & A) - As featured in (Femina) Magazine, November, 2010
Article Published in (Asiaone.com) 28th November, 2010

Indian doctors, patients play down 'superbug' fears

Thu, Oct 28, 2010 AFP --By Phil Hazlewood MUMBAI (AFP) - Carla looked out over Mumbai from the window of a luxury hotel, the line of stitches under her ears and yellowing bruises on her cheeks partially obscured by her dark, shoulder-length hair and glasses. The 50-year-old Italian entrepreneur, who lives in the United States and Europe, had a complete facelift in a private hospital two weeks earlier and was about to leave the city, now looking, she said, as young as she feels.......more

Article Published in (Mid day online) 18th November, 2010

Don't sweat the fat, store it for later

Thu, Oct 28, 2010 AFP --By Phil Hazlewood MUMBAI (AFP) - Cosmetic surgery is not always plastic. It may use your extra adipose now, stow it away in a bank, and use it to re-vitalise your vital stats when they are drooping So you have heard by now of plastic surgeons always making mountains out of molehills if you live in the real world of the fake. But the enterprise of cosmetic surgery has now made banks out of adipose. As surgeons will tell you, fat storage banks are in........more

Article Published in (Woman's World - ADC) 18th November, 2010
Article Published in (Mid Day - Metro) 18th November, 2010
(Q & A) - As featured in (Femina) Magazine, 17th November, 2010
Article Published in ( Bombay Times ) 5th November, 2010
Article Published in (DNA -Online) 4th November, 2010

The great corporate Diwali makeover

Published: Thursday, Nov 4, 2010, 10:46 IST--MUMBAIAgency: DNA - Of course there's an adage connected with doing your best and looking it too, and no-one's doing that better in the run-up to Diwali than the city's corporate-ville, who are multi-tasking paper and nail filing with botox and business meet-ups with equal ease........more

Article Published in (DNA - After Hrs) 4th November, 2010
(Q & A) - As featured in (Femina) Magazine, 3rd November, 2010
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